Tuesday, December 27, 2005


well x-mas is over now and soon to be new years. X-mas wasnt to bad, got to see everyone, played some cards, and chit chatted with people. Not sure whats going on for new years, probley play some more cards, maybe drink a little just depends where we go. Im hoping next year will be better than 05 because 05 just sucked. Firt off getting married, then moving to florida, then moving home, then having to see everyone. JUST JOKING calm down people.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


well we got tired of florida and moved back to Illinois. Lisa got a job teaching again and Im back at the old jewelry store. Looking for a place to live, rent a house, but they are so crappy looking I dont know if we will ever find one. I dont know why there are so many slum lords in this area taking advantage of people. You go to florida and all the apartments are nice, come back here and it looks like shit all over. We looked into buying a house but we got no money so thats out for at least a year.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

nothing new

not much going on here. Took porky to the dog park on Sunday and another dog attacked him. He is ok but he did get bit a little. Pissed me off that it made him loose his sterling silver chain, so its gone now. hooked the computer up to the tv now sounds even better especially on dts DVD's. Had some bud light in an aluminum bottle today it was rather good. Still have tons of computer monitors for sale. My birthday is coming up, I hope I dont have to take an exam at the drivers facility to nenew my liciense. Got rid of the old entertainment stand it was taking up to much space. I put it up for sale but nobody wanted it so i just threw it away. Welp c ya