Saturday, May 27, 2006

Well ive been into this kick of using this program ive had for some time now called lime wire to download all kinds of free stuff, games, moveis, songs. Its computer to computer sharing over the internet. i hope everyone is doing well. If i new more about how to internet stuff id put a link for lime wire but i dont so you just have to email me or something if you want it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well I started working today. Got a factory job at sherwin williams. Been playing dragon quest VIII. Its a very good game if you like role playing games. Heard about some crazy ass religous group coming to town to protest at freacking funeral about the war. Stuff like this just really burns me up. Hear about the navel ship that they sunk on purpose, when i heard of this I was like WHAT THE HELL. Why on earth would you sink a ship instead of recycling it, I guess its just another way our WONDERFUL government thinks up stupid ways of blowing our tax dollars. Oh and what about the new idea from the most stupid president in history, lets start pushing immigration to turn the peoples blind eye on the oil driven attack over seas. The longer we leave this dumb ass in charge of our country the more we are going to regret it later on. The Bush house hold has basicly screwed us for every thing they can, I wish he would just leave and never come back. For you people who dont watch the news, try it for a week, and im not talking about local i mean like cnn or something bigger than poduncville. Then really pay attention to the stories and how they kinda tie together then you too will realize how much the rest of the world hates america and how stupid the everyday consumer has been blinded from the truth about our government. Its all lies after lies