Sunday, October 30, 2005

This weekend wasnt to bad we started out the day on Saturday sleeping in and aking it easy then later in the day we took pork to the dog park came back home then left again. As we were pulling out of the drive there were some classic cars driving by so I said I bet there is a car show some where. So we followed them and sure enough like 5 blocks from our house was a classic car show so we went to it, FREE. We left there and started off to the movies to see DOOM again because we had FREE tickets to go, well the movie was about 20 min into it and 2 hours to the next one so we went and got some food for next week. On the way there, there was another car show but this one was tuners. At this point it was dark so they were having stereo wars and light shows, it was pretty good except most the people were mexicans. This show was also FREE for us. After that we went and got our food and headed home deciding that it had been a good day and we had fun and all it cost us was a little bit of gas. The only thing we missed was the muffler rap, some kind of flame show, and the dog park had their anuall howl o ween costume party earlier that morning. Sunday was not very producting day at all. We slept in then moved to the couch snuggled and watched a couple B movies on some channel. After that we ate dinner picked up the house and went to the dog park, it was rather slow and a little chilly so we only stayed about 45 min or so came back I fixed super talk to Greg Groves on yahoo uploaded a couple programs from him computer crashed, I was really mad at Greg. I think he sent me a virus, so I done a system repair and all seems to be well right now, lets hope it stays that way. Dont forget to set your clocks back tonight. Im out getting up for work at 500 am is killing me ever so slowly.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well I am still under the weather, but as promised I'm back on here. Smallville is on tonight, a new show, looking forward to that. It is some quality time we can spend together. The people I work with are really nice but man you talk about cultural diversity. I work with so many different language speaking people its nuts. Luckally for them they can speak english or they would get nowhere with me cause thats all I speak. The only upside to the job is that coming from an artists point of view there are many different nuts and bolts and odds and ends they work with and they clean the floor every day what ever is dropped on the floor they throw away and I dig them out so I can use them later. Well I'm getting run down again so I'm heading off.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


well the hurrican hit only an hour away from us. we got alot of rain and wind but nothing else. nothing else is new and im a little under the weather so ill put more on tomorrow.

Monday, October 17, 2005


well I start my new job tomorrow working for ABB. Its a factory that makes huge tranformers. Had to go buy steel toe shoes today. Well i have to be at work at 630 in the morning SUCKS!!! but ill do it. Well american chopper is on and its a new one so im off to go watch it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Well I didnt get the job at the office place, in fact they cancelled my interview and hired someone else with out even seeing me. Just great. I have never got the job at the factory either, they say theyre waiting on my background check to come back FOR 4 WEEKS now. Well Im out on a limb so I went and put an application in at Sears. I said I would never go back but if I get hired it would be for the best. Just have to put up with their BS for a while I guess. I have no good news or anything uplifting to tell the world right now just because there isnt any. I told Lisa the other day I could kill myself and she could take the life insurance but she told me she could not live with out me and I hate to see Porky (the dogg) grow up with out his parents. As for internet and cable we could lose it any day now oh and they didnt send me my phone bill last month so now I m a month behind on that as well. So it might get shut off too. So if you dont here anything from us dont think we are dead you just can speak to us unless you come find us. So until then I out of here.

Friday, October 07, 2005

well I have an interview with an office suplie company on Monday. Hope this one goes through. I talk to people form the factory job and I have the job but they are still waitting on my background check to come back. He said he has never seen it take this long, ever. I also called unemployment so hopefully that goes through, although it wont be very much at all if i get it, so its all up to this new job. I 've been looking into substituting and well that cost money and I have to take a morning class to do that and the next class isnt until Oct 31. I'm just striking out all over. On a different note we still havnt got lisa's car title fixed. The stupid bank in Toledo is taking FOREVER. I am so pissed at them right now, but at least the ball is finally roling on that matter. Well this might be my finall call for a while we have been talking about x-ing the internet and maybe the cable for a while, so if you dont hear from me you know why now. I cant wait till we can move back to Illinois this was a HUGE mistake that we will be paying for for a long time to come in more ways than I can count.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Full Season

Well I almost have the whole first season of fullmetal alchemist and I'm starting to get the second season. I'm thinking these will have 4 to 6 disc's for the 26 episodes in season one. The price will be either $19.99 or $24.99 depending on how many disc's I use. The quality will be about 8.5 or 9 out of 10. And will work on most dvd players and computers. If you would like a set please email me and let me know they will be ready in a couple of weeks.

Now for everyone else. Lisa is on Fall Break this week so we have been spending more time together. She got out the old mario bro's game and played that today, now she is going through pictures, why I have no idea, I'm trying to stay away or I'll get drafted to do something girly with her. I'm still looking for a job, havent heard anything back from the factory job yet. I've been calling about every 3 days and still no news. In the mean time I'm trying to get unemployment they are suppose to call this Thursday so we willl see. I'm thinking about going back to school to become a certified teacher so I can teach high school art. I talk to Mr. Graves my old art teacher and he is retiring after next year so I have a year and 1/2 to get it done. We turned the air off today there is a nice breeze flowing across the lake so we opened up the doors to get some much needed fresh air in the house. Well thats all the new news thats being going on here. keep it real

Saturday, October 01, 2005

same old stuff

Well its now been a week and I'm still waiting to hear from the job. I was expecting to already be hired on and working but that didnt happen. So, at this point I'm really unsure about wait is going on so I'm trying to get unemployment and still pumping out resumes. I'm really hoping to find something yesterday cause we are still planning on buying a house next year, IF we can get some money saved up. Still unsure about where we are moving to also. Lisa afficislly hates her job, the school, and the kids. From what I hear they all need a good butt whipping to staighten them out. Probley 90% of these kids will end up in jail just because they never come to school, or start fights, or get kicked out, or the parents just dont care. Well grub is ready so I'm off to eat it.