Thursday, June 15, 2006


not much new has happened lately. the most important thing that i know of is that marvel comics is having a civil war and spider-man takes off his mask. So if your into comics this is a must read. Other than that not much here...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

one year

Well its been a year and we're still together, thats right our one year aniversary. We drove to terrue haute and played with some dogs, ate lunch and came back home and had some nasty one year old cake. Not much is new thinking about having a game night sometime in the future bt not sure when. Either computer or online with the ps2's. I've been busy fixing people computers and working and lisa started working at camp new hope for the summer today. Movies to go see would be x-men 3 its pretty good, movies to rent would be the ringer, wedding crashers, and lord of war.The new fast and furious 3 comes out in 3 weeks so if you like cars go see that one too.