Friday, September 09, 2005

Are you F@#$ing Joking me

Dave Chappelle may have called it quits, but at least Comedy Central's still got South Park.
The network announced Thursday that it had reupped the raunchy 'toon series for three more years, carrying Cartman and the gang though their 12th season on the air.
The new contract calls for 14 new South Park episodes a year through 2008, with creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone continuing to write, direct and edit the show.
"I was at Comedy Central when we launched the first season of South Park, and I am thrilled to see them continue through 2008," Comedy Central President Doug Herzog said in a statement. "Matt and Trey are creative geniuses and a huge part of the Comedy Central family, and we look forward to continued success."
Renewing the show was something of a no-brainer, seeing as the antics of foulmouthed foursome Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan consistently pull in the network's highest ratings.
Since its inception in 1997, South Park has made a habit out of pushing the envelope on conventional limits, perhaps most notably with its season-five premiere in which the unbleeped S-word was uttered 162 times.
However, respite for the squeamish cartoon viewer is in sight, as a kinder, gentler version of the show is headed for non-cable airwaves in the near future. The series has been approved for syndication in markets including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago and cleaned-up episodes begin airing Sept. 19.
For those who prefer South Park in all its crass glory, the latest season of the show kicks off on Comedy Central on Oct. 19.

This is some what good in that they are on for 3 more years, but COME ON its south park why are we editing this stuff. It was MADE to be for ADULTS not kids so why even clean it up. This is the kind of crap that make me angry. If it was my show I would stay as close to the roots upon which the show was founded. If you change the roots of a show it changes the whole show, it becomes something else. Also whats with this bleeping stuff out. If I PAY to see comidy central why do they edit my show which I paid for. Now I could see if it was on like nbc or cbs, but IT"S FREAKING CABLE. Stop making ADULT shows marketing them as ADULT shows the airing them as a freaking saturday power ranger episode. This whole subject of censiorship is crap and it really gets me going because and listen to this IF YOU DONT LIKE THE PROGRAM CHANGE THE CHANNEL AND IF NOTHING GOOD IS ON SHUT THE TV OFF AND IF YOU PAYING FOR CABLE OR DISH AND YOU DONT LIKE THE SHOWS "DONT PAY FOR IT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on people are you all so stupid that you need your hand held 24/7/365. PLEASE stop and take some responsibility for you kids after all there only here because of YOU. Stop making other pay for what you have done and GROW UP.


At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would rather not hear all the crap to begin with and i dont have kids. I pay for it too and i dont want to hear it.


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